What We Offer

Brandology brings insight and innovation to creating the critical components of a brand. From name development and logo design, to website and marketing material, we work with you to communicate the unique qualities of your company, service or product, with three very specific goals in mind: to build recognition, reinforce loyalty and influence purchase decisions.

Brand Strategy

Successful brands are built on successful strategies. At Brandology, we begin a discovery process to identify those qualities, attributes and values that make your company different, better and clearer, by defining its unique brand position.
Based on our findings, we might suggest creating a new brand, refreshing a mature one, or simply doing a better job of communicating your brand promise. The resulting recommendations will provide a roadmap to reach your business goals.

Brand Identity

The universe of available names is shrinking, as companies and enterprises in our global marketplace trademark more and more alternatives. Brandology’s linguistic and naming experts create names, whether new or a variation of an existing name, that attract attention; names that are memorable; names that say who you are simply and directly; names that will be understood in a global context; and most importantly, names that you can own. To boot, our designers create a unique visual persona for your name, giving it visual presence and excitement. They explore typography, add a symbol or graphic accent, and select a colour palette that will be integral to your brand, in the way that Vodacom is red and Standard Bank is blue.

They make your brand visually distinctive, so it stands out from the competition. These names and logos must also be incorporated into a comprehensive design system that unifies the entire organisation. We establish a brand architecture that integrates subsidiaries, new products and future acquisitions. We then apply your brand identity to all high-visibility communications: print, signage, vehicles, apparel, advertising, websites, marketing collateral and trade exhibits. The result is a unified design system that ensures a consistent visual and verbal brand message in your marketplace.

Brand Management

Establishing and protecting a strong brand requires consistent and accurate presentation of its elements across all media. To accomplish this, your brand needs explicit, easy-to-understand user guidelines that will sustain its value and integrity over time.
Brandology can provide your company with the correct tools to nurse your long-term growth goals, while offering a guiding hand that promotes your brand, protects its integrity and moves it forward.

Brand Experience

Brandology can provide a range of experiences that consumers will associate exclusively with your brand. When a unique experience reoccurs the effect is inspiring: it speaks to the goal of making every point of contact with the consumer as remarkable, engaging and compelling as possible.  A meaningful, memorable experience is the surest path to building trust, loyalty and advocacy amongst your target audiences. Our process fosters an in-depth understanding of your brand, which puts us in a position to develop strategically sound marketing materials that reflect your brand position and communicate it with a strong brand voice.

This service can be part of a brand development program or a stand-alone project. Either way, our designers, writers and production team can create a single brochure or an integrated communications campaign, including marketing literature, website, packaging, tradeshow exhibits and corporate advertising that help build brand awareness and sales.


The Internet is now the single most important and efficient way of reaching audiences around the globe. Brandology harnesses our strategic and creative thinking to optimise your brand visibility online. Creating an effective website is not simply about putting content online. It is about designing a seamless and intuitive user experience that informs visitors and rallies them to action.
Brandology blends branding, marketing, writing and design to deliver state-of-the art sites that strengthen your brand. Our solutions attract visitors, opening up new channels for communication, content distribution and online commerce that extend the power of your brand to a worldwide audience.