An independent, full-service creative and consulting organisation, specialising in corporate branding and strategic communications planning.

Brandology was established in response to the growing demand for information and knowledge on the complex, and often contradictory, subject of brands and branding. As a strategic advertising, branding and design agency, we are comprised of highly competent individuals, who strive to deliver inspired and actionable ideas that help our clients succeed in the marketplace.

What gives us the edge is our powerful blend of strategy, creativity, and logic; our cost-effective solutions; our distinctive value propositions to build unique stories; and our ability to balance short-term business needs against longer-term growth goals.

As an organisation, we strive to impress the importance of both branding and maintaining brand consistency upon new and existing businesses, and assist them with the effective management thereof. Our approach has led to successful outcomes for many of our most respected clients. Today, strong brands are commonly known as the greatest accelerators of business performance. They have the power to lift companies, their products and services, out of a position of obscurity and into one of superiority in their marketplaces.

We define the term brand  rather conservatively: as the recognition and personal connection that forms in the hearts and minds of consumers, and other key audiences, through their accumulated experience with the associated company, product or service at every point of contact.

In short, a brand is a feeling.

Our conviction is that branding, at its best, is more than a marketing responsibility – it is an integrative business practice. We believe branding should span the entire organisation, weaving across and through personal interactions, corporate culture, communications, events, products and services. It should both reflect and inform business decisions, and it should guide all consumer contact points. Most importantly, a brand should be championed by top management, and embodied from the inside out by all employees, product offerings and communications – at all times. To manage this approach effectively, branding should never be treated as a project that has a beginning or an end; instead, it should be ongoing and consistent throughout its existence.