14 Aug 2013
August 14, 2013

5 Piping-Hot Content Marketing Tips for Newbs

August 14, 2013 10 Comments
5 Piping-Hot Content Marketing Tips for Newbs

Say hello to my little friend, content marketing.

When you use social media to engage potential and current clients that, my blushing newbster, is what we call content marketing, pretty much the most accessible, inexpensive and productive way to market yourself online.  Social media allows you, as a business, to present a personalised profile to your audience, so that they can relate to you, get to know you in a social context and appreciate a business-client relationship that is reciprocal, constant and authentic.

Content marketing includes blogs, photographs, Tweets, statuses, comments, videos and slideshows, but it is content of a particularly personal, applicable and conversational nature that blooms promising as a rose amidst the aggressive advertising thorns.

In this way, you will slowly but surely create a community of followers, friends, connections and clients who will like, favourite, recommend and share your content, extending your influence and increasing your value as a business, in the eyes of potential clients.

Social media is quite literally the Swiss army knife of the clued-up contemporary business.  Use it for recruitment, public relations, customer service and more – be inventive.  Suck the marrow out of social media and carpe the living diem out of content marketing with these piping-hot tips.

#1 Interview with the Inspirer  

When you interview the pros, your client naturally assumes you’re a pro too.  Coolness by association is a killer way to get an instant credibility injection.  You may have had their attention, but now you have their interest.

When you post videos of you, an obscure nobody, interviewing a famous, switched-on somebody, a sudden perceptible glow will be cast upon you and your business in the eyes of prospective clients.  Once you are susceptible to their curiosity, your value will be amplified and, in turn, that which you have to propose to them.

The result: the sales cycle is set smoothly in motion and prospects are smarmily primed to progress into leads.

#2 Scoop.it. and the Art of Content Curation 

Content curation platforms are the most happening haunts of today’s marketing pack-leaders and high-fliers.

Hit up Scoop.it, integrated with Buffer and Hootsuite, and curate the niftiest and pithiest content you can scrounge, while rubbing shoulders with crafty content marketers, serious influencers, badass bloggers, movers and shakers.

Share your little heart out on every social media site you can conjure –burn that click-fingertip to the quick.  Alternatively, peruse or use other content curation platforms like Storify or Spundge, but ensure to network, as one does.

The result: your clever content will be disseminated with dashing abandon to fresh and impressionable prospects and leads, primed to be groomed into leering, purring, cream-whiskered clients.

#3 Calls to Action Speak Loudest  

Simply put: a CTA is a social media call to action that primes clients to engage.  The trick is to subtly compel them into taking the next step in the sales cycle.  Consider the lightning-fast flow of Twitter: CTAs are designed to grip indecisive readers caught in the robust current of content that is being continually updated on the site.

You will come to find that a Facebook invitation to share your content, in and of itself, is sufficient enough to inspire action from your audience.  Just one share goes a long way toward expanding your reach, when it is shared with friends, family and colleagues.  Your content will travel like a beam of light across a spiderweb of infinite connections and networks.

On the other hand, CTAs should not shout out in wretched desperation, irksomely nag or belligerently push your audience into paying attention to you.  This draws the wrong kind of attention, much like a sugared-up child, shrieking and convulsing in a grocery store.

Instead, tenderly tug or nimbly nudge them into progressing towards a sale by keeping your CTAs softly persuasive yet always clear, concise and naturally clickable.

The result: an article’s chances of actually being read are dramatically upped, improving your odds of hooking yourself a client.

#4 Colour Your Content Personal

In order to lead ripe, young prospects and leads onto the next step in the sales cycle, you’re going to have to bring your A-game and pimp your content up considerably.

The trick is to try a bit of tenderness.  In a world teeming with conscienceless capitalistic predators, blood-thirsty retail robots and glibly devious salesmen, ruthlessly pitching their services and products, nice guys happen to streak ahead of the salivating pack.

Just add your perspective – it’s personal, hand-made, hands-on and pro-active.  It’s problem-solving endorsed by human touch, and that’s what makes this sort of content so persuasive and appealing.

Content decadently dolloped with integrity, benevolence and authenticity is just that much more shareable.  Also, break it down for them: serve your content up as bite-sized concepts that clients can practically apply with speed and efficiency.

The result: clients are better enabled to relate personally to your content and, in that way, will become more partial to, actively follow and respect what you have to say – the beginning of a beautiful relationship between client and business.

#5 Love My Blog, Love Me  

The sexiest content marketing strategy out there is undoubtedly that of blogging.  Though that may bring up images of working like a blog, in a blog-eat-blog world and ending up blog-tired, consider the vast amount of time-pressed profeshs that blog oven-hot content on a daily basis.  How are they getting it right?

Blogging, as it turns out, and not to a cacophony of gasps and jaw-drops, is considered by the pros and amateurs, alike, to be a top driver of leads, nurturer of clients and converter of prospects.  Blogging does not entail a precarious balancing act or a stupidly-crammed time schedule but, rather, a discerning prioritisation.

It is merely a matter of disposing of unproductive, time-consuming traditional tactics and investing in those that produce hard, cold results.  Do away with risky cold calling and unpredictable hours of coffee and chitchat, breakfast and banter, or wining and droning that act as a time-ravaging black hole, tending to conclude with open-ended, spacey contemplation.

Time can be more valuably spent creating bubbly streams of receptive, relevant and thought-provoking content on your high-gloss, designer business blog.

The result: have your creative genius acknowledged when clients get thoroughly caught up in the captivating proactivity of your constant flow of perky content – and anticipate ample the pay-off.

Famous Last Words

It’s really just about getting stuck into it, keeping your cool, keeping it simple, going with the flow and being passionate about what you do.  Don’t feel daunted, put your content out there and consider it a work-in-progress, even if you are not altogether pleased with your penmanship, forget perfect – the point is to get it done.

It’s a layering process and every new day presents you with the opportunity to improve upon your craft.  The more you write, curate and produce, the more honed and sharpened your ability to deliver compelling content will be and, in turn, your audience will come to appreciate and anticipate your content on a daily basis.  It’s a win-win-win situation.

And, lastly, the finest tip in the entire arsenal is: to have fun with your content, get creative, let those zesty juices flow and the articles will practically write themselves.  Get passionate about your business and that delirious passion will translate through to your audience and kindle the same within them.

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